Four rolls of fiberglass window screen on the gray background.

Window Screen

Window Screen is commonly made of aluminum, fiberglass, steel materials. Fiberglass screening, aluminum window screen and steel wire screening is widely used in window or door for application.

A roll of aluminum alloy mosquito netting on the white background.

Mosquito Netting

Mosquito netting or anti-mosquito screen is made of aluminum and fiberglass screen. Aluminum mosquito screen is quite strong and fiberglass screen can have some colors.

A hand is holding a piece of standard stainless steel window screen.

Stainless Steel Window Screen

SS304, SS316, SS316L window screen is the most durable insect mesh and has excellent resistance to corrosion, form BWG34/35/36/37/38 gauge wire, 14-20 mesh.

A roll of bluish galvanized window screen on the white background.

Galvanized Window Screen

Galvanized Window Screens have two types: galvanized iron window screen and galvanized steel window screen. Different colors, sizes and weaving types are available.

Several rolls of materials and several rolls of fiberglass window screen on the white background.

Fiberglass Window Screen

Fiberglass screen material is typically available in 100 foot rolls in varying widths, from 18 inches to 120 inches wide. Install steps as here.

A hand is burning a piece of fiberglass insect screen.

Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Insect Screen

Vinyl coated fiberglass insect screen has high tensile strength and corrosion resistance performance is used to keep the most insects out of the house.

Four rolls of aluminum window screen in different colors.

Aluminum Window Screen

Aluminum Window Screen is made of Al-Mg wire with different specifications. With the features of light weight, corrosion resistance, aluminum window screen is widely used.

A roll of aluminum insect mesh with wrapped edge on the white background.

Aluminum Insect Mesh with Weave Standard

Aluminum insect mesh screen is often used as window screen in home and hotels. Aluminum insect screen has the features of easy installing and cleaning. Other materials insect screen is available.

A cat is climbing on the window screen.

Pet Screen

Pet screen, made of fiberglass or nylon wire coated with polyester, is extra-tear resistant to protect pets and children from falling off and block insects in.

A roll of pollen screen blocks several different types of pollen.

Pollen Screen

Pollen screen, made of polyester and special structure can efficiently block most pollen and dust out and allow fresh air in residences and commercial sites.

A piece of oblong mesh dust screen on the white background.

Dust Screen

Dust screen, made of nylon fabric, is warp knitted into square or oblong meshes to block insects, pollen and tiny dust from entering houses.

One leaf of window is installed with solar screen and can clearly see the tree outside.

Solar Screen

Solar screen, made of vinyl coated fiberglass material, blocks UV rays, glares and saves air conditioner energy for comfortable room environment.

Six different colors security fence on the table.

Security Screen

Security screen, made of durable stainless steel material and extremely strong structure, keeps your sites' safety and allow enough fresh air entering.

Several rolls of fiberglass wire screen in different colors.

Wire Screen Types

Wire screens have many types, stainless steel wire screens, fiberglass wire screen, plastic wire screen, aluminum wire screen. Here is the stainless steel screen and fiberglass screen size.

Two pieces of copper wire screen on the white background in different mesh sizes.

Copper Wire Screen

Cooper, bronze, brass window screen with features of thermal conductivity, atmospheric corrosion resistance, copper screen is widely used.

Several rolls of stainless steel 316 screen with different package in the warehouse.

316 SS Wire Mesh Screen

Stainless steel 316 square wire mesh made from 0.42-1.30 mm wire, with 4.5 m width.

A roll of 304 stainless steel screen on the ground with wrapped edge.

Wire Screen SS 304

Stainless steel 304 wire screens slot 0.15-3.00 mm, length 3m, 6m. Plain beveled ends for butt welding or threaded.

A roll of bluish galvanized iron insect screen on the white background.

Iron Wire Screen Netting

Iron wire netting covers blue finish iron wire mesh, enameled iron insect screening wire mesh, and hard bright (HB) redrawn iron wire netting.

A roll of aluminum woven cloth on the white background.

Woven Aluminum Wire Cloth

Woven Aluminum Wire Cloth has many series, the mesh opening and wire diameter can range widely. Aluminum is lightweight and a good electrical conductor.

A roll of stainless steel gauze net on the table and a hand below the screen.

Gauze Net

Zinc coated wire gauze net hole size 5/12/14mm, 0.7/0.8mm wire; non zinc coated wire gauze net wire 0.32mm/1.6mm, hole size 0.8mm - 6mm.

A hand is holding a roll of hot dipped galvanized shroud mesh.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Shroud Screen Mesh

Gauge 14 wire SS304. hot dipped galvanized shroud screen mesh, slot is parallel to width of the screen, opening: 0.0139", wire diameter 0.072", slot 2".

A roll of stainless steel mesh on the white background.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and Galvanized Mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh 304 grade and 202 grade, galvanized wire mesh with hot dipped process and cold dipped process.

Several rolls of 304 stainless steel mesh rolls on the gray background.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh (AISI 304, 321)

Stainless steel wire mesh (AISI 304, 321) made from 0.16-2.0mm stainless steel wire, with mesh size 0.16mm - 12mm.

A gray and a black fiberglass insect screen on the white background.

Insect Screen Netting Types

Insect screen netting types: aluminum insect screen, galvanized wire insect screen netting, glass fiber insect screen netting and so on. With various sizes, screen is used for filtration.

There are seven rolls of plastic insect screen in different colors.

Plastic Insect Screen

Plastic insect screen with plain weave made from BWG31/32/33/34 gauge wire, 12-20 mesh, used for civil construction against flies and mosquito.

A piece of plain weave plastic screen with blue edge on the black background.

Plastic Insect Screen Stocking

Plastic insect screen 12-20 mesh from BWG31/32/33/34 gauge wire, Light and easy to shape, it may be adapted to the dimensions of any structure.

The shielding room is covered with copper shielding mesh.

Shielding Mesh

Shielding mesh with stainless steel, copper and brass materials can be used to reduce the interference of electromagnetic wave to various devices.

Three rolls of stainless steel printing mesh on the waterproof paper.

Stainless Steel Screen for Printing

Stainless steel screen with 0.023-0.045mm wire from 165 mesh to 400 mesh for filter and mesh printing industry.

A front view of stainless steel DSM screen on the white background.

DSM Screen

DSM screen is common used in kinds of industries. It has variety of material and size. We can manufacture it according to customers need.

Green color sunshade net is above the vegetable garden.

Sunshade netting

Sunshade netting can be made with materials of polyester with polyamide coating, plastic netting. Colors can be white, black, gray and others as need.

Different color frames aluminum roller blinds on the coffee background.

Aluminum Mesh Roller Blinds

Aluminum mesh roller blinds are ideal for restaurants, hotels, offices, sunrooms, residences and more, offer an exciting new alternative to ordinary window coverings.

Two stainless steel test screen on the white background.

Test Screen For Metallurgy

Test screen for metallurgy 100 mesh - 500 mesh. The wire screen meets the North American standard 8 (20cm.) inch diameter full height (5cm approximate).